Here’s Why You Should Have Your Home Pressure Washed Regularly

Waly Precision Remodeling Pressure Washed

A pressure wash is an affordable way to get rid of dust, debris, and other build up around your home. If you’re looking to refresh your home’s appearance, perhaps as part of regular maintenance or to prep for a home sale, a pressure wash is an easy first step. Pressure washing also helps to maintain your paint longer.

During a pressure wash, Waly Precision Remodeling will provide an estimate for your home’s pressure wash. The price can vary widely based on the size of your home. A pressure wash of a small part of the home may only be around $100, while, a large home pressure wash could cost a few hundred dollars.

We often are asked how often homes in the Bradenton and Sarasota area should be pressure washed. Although once a year is a good rule of thumb, the truth is, there’s no uniform answer that applies to all homeowners. In our more humid environment in Florida, there tends to be more frequent buildup of mold and mildew. Heavy rains during rainy season can lead to more dirt and debris as well as leaves. If your home is surrounded by trees, it will likely accumulate dirt and debris faster. Bottom line: If you think your home exterior is dirty enough to need a pressure wash, you’re probably right!

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