How to Prepare Your Home Before Painters Arrive

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get your home in Bradenton or Sarasota repainted. We know that takes a commitment, not to mention extra expense and time. However, once the work is done, you’ll home will have a fresh look to enjoy.

To maximize what house painters like Waly Precision Painting and Remodeling can do for you, make sure to do some advance planning. Here are a few tips we like to offer to our Bradenton, Sarasota, and Anna Maria Island clients before we show up and get to work on interior or exterior painting.

  1. Consider paint colors. Do you want to use the exact same color you have now, or something drastically different? That can make a big difference with the cost, so let us know. That way, we can provide the most accurate estimate. We always appreciate customers who do their research in advance regarding colors and paint type. Some even know exactly what color they want and from what paint manufacturer. That said, don’t worry if you’re not ready with a firm idea when we show up. We’re happy to provide our feedback on a good match for your home and obtain some paint samples. One consideration: It sometimes can be hard to match a color exactly, especially if your previous paint job is older or if you don’t know the paint name or manufacturer. Be prepared for some flexibility in those situations.
  2. Know that not all paint estimates are the same. We often will quote for clients a price with the use of medium-quality versus higher-quality paint. Both are great choices, but some clients may opt for higher-quality. For instance, those living near the beach who are having exterior paintwork done often choose higher quality to help protect their home against the elements. Higher-quality paint also can last longer.
  3. Take a close look at your walls. If you have any areas that may need minor repair, be sure to point them out so we can handle them while we’re working. Although we may spot them along the way, it’s always a big help if you show us as well, so we can mark them for our painters.
  4. Get Fido comfortable in a temporary space. When we’re ready to come paint, keep your hounds in a safe area so they can chew on bones and go potty without us stepping in their way. (Bradenton and Sarasota have some great doggy daycare facilities, too.) If you have cats that like to hide or escape, let us know in advance so we can be extra cautious.
  5. Let us handle the heavy lifting. We’re more than happy to move furniture and wall hangings when we arrive (we’ll also use plastic covers/drop cloths when necessary). That said, it can be a time-saver if you move items before we show up. Some customers prefer to move treasured items on their own.
  6. Got questions on where we are in the process? Just ask! One common situation with our work is a client asking why we haven’t done a certain part of the job when in actuality, we’re not at that step yet. The painting process takes some patience. Let us handle the details so we can present you with a beautiful completed job.For Quality and Precision, Call Waly Precision Painting and Remodeling

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