6 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Waly Precision Remodeling BradentonHappy Holidays! With all the parties and dinners going on this time of year, you may be expecting friends, family, or coworkers to visit your home. Naturally, you’ll want your home to look as clean and beautiful as possible. Here are a few ways to spruce up your home for the holidays, so you can dazzle your guests!

1. Get a pressure wash done. Pressure washing is an easy way to clean and brighten your patio, lanai, deck, front porch, and similar exterior areas. Pressure washing is easy to do (or hire a pro to handle it), it’s inexpensive, and it’s good to have done every year or two.

2. Add a new coat of paint to your interior walls. Are your interior walls looking blah? It may time to repaint them. Waly Precision Painting and Remodeling recommends repainting interior walls every three to five years, although that recommendation can vary. Consider adding a bold splash of color if your neutral color isn’t cutting it for you anymore. Read our previous blog on color trends for some modern, attractive ideas.

3. Repaint the exterior. Just like you may look at your interior walls and say, “Meh,” you also might need a fresh new look for your exterior. Exterior paint jobs are an excellent time to get a pressure wash done, fix any cracks, and use the same or perhaps a new exterior color. We’d love to tell you about the many paint options available. Just contact us for ideas.

4. Get your kitchen cabinets painted.¬†Just like there are some wall colors that are popular at any given time, kitchen cabinets also have colors that can go in or out of style. Perhaps you want to modernize your cabinets, or you’re just tired of the current color. Changing the cabinets could make you feel like you’ve gotten your whole kitchen remodeled–without the price tag!

5. Add new flooring. If you’re tired of carpeting, there are lots of potential new flooring options to consider that are easy to clean. For example, vinyl plank is popular, relatively inexpensive, and can provide a variety of looks, from farmhouse rustic to modern. If a flooring update for your whole house is too much, then you can get it done in a room or two.

6. Update your entry. Have you been taking your entryway for granted? If so, you’re not alone. It’s easy to ignore this workhorse area of our home. However, adding a fresh coat of paint to the entry and adding a piece of furniture for keys, wallets, and pursess could provide just the new look you want. It’ll be the first thing guests see in your home, and it could wow them!

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