Improve the Stucco Work Around Your Home Professionally

Waly Precision Remodeling Home RepaintedIf you need some work done on the exterior of your home, you may start to wonder what stucco is and when you might need to repair stucco at your home.

Stucco is a construction material that is applied wet and then becomes a hard solid. Stucco is used to add a decorative coating or architectural detail to walls and ceilings. It also can be used to cover metal, concrete, or other construction materials. Stucco can be used inside or outside but is more typically applied to a home’s exterior. Stucco is particularly popular in Florida as well as the Southwest of the U.S. and California, according to Angie’s List.

There are several advantages to using stucco around your home:
1. It’s strong.
2. It’s durable.
3. It can be applied to several types of home materials.
4. The color of stucco can be changed to your liking.

Sometimes, the stucco work at your house may need to be repaired. This can be due to water damage, cracks, stains, mildew, or even mold. It’s important to repair stucco before the stucco problem becomes more elaborate and expensive. Stucco damage can affect your home’s appearance and lower the value. You should take a close look at the stucco around your home at least once a year to check for any damage that needs repair. Call a trusted professional if you see anything that looks unusual.

Although you could manage small stucco jobs yourself, Waly Precision Painting and Remodeling strongly recommends hiring a stucco professional to get the job done. At Waly Precision Painting and Remodeling, we have a seasoned stucco professional ready to help you out. We can show you pictures of our previous work, provide references, and give a free estimate. If you need painting done after stucco repair, we can help get with that as well.

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